Welcome to Aromsyn Co.,Ltd

    Aromsyn Co.,Ltd is a modern chemical company which is located in Joinhands Science Park in provincial capital-Hangzhou. We are specialized in researching & producing of novel aromatic compounds, especially engaged in customize production of Aniline series, Benzaldehyde, Phenyl-hydrazine, Phenol, Anisole, Benzonitrile, Benzonic acid, Hydroxybenzoate, Benzamide, Bromobenzyl alcohol, Benzyl halide, Benzylamine, Cinnamic acid, Cinnamic aldehyde, and other Heterocyclic compounds, etc.. They were exported to Europe, the US, the Middle-East,the Southeast Asian countries and other regions in the last few years.And we have set up close cooperation relationship with many customs all over the world.

    Our production scale can be done from grams to ton-class. Aromsyn can guarantee the quality by the scientific analysis methods and advanced analysis facilities. Aromsyn can also provide custom-synthesis according to the customer’s technology and we will absolutely keep all the technology confidential. Currently we have produced over thousand kinds of organic aromatic compounds and we can meet customer’s all requirements for aromatic compounds from all over the world. As we have own manufacturing plant and laboratory to support that.

     We strive to provide our clients with first-class products and service whole heartedly. Looking forward to making a cooperation with you!

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