Aromsyn service items

Custom synthesis

    We offer high quality, custom-made chemicals from milligram to
multi-kilogram scales. Organic molecules we offered include:
——Building blocks
——Pharmaceutical libraries for screening and lead optimization
——Reference compounds, impurities and metabolites
——New drug candidates

   Full time equivalence(FTE)

    FTE service is always available at a very reasonable cost. Typically,
a team led by experienced Ph.D.Chemists will be assigned to the clients
based on its interview results and special requirements. Weekly reports
and tele-conference are regularly used for project progress communication.

   Process research & development

    The organic process chemists can work with your process,or develop a
new process to simplify and improve difficult or expensive synthetic
routes. We can develop non-infringing processes of APIs, advanced
intermediates and new molecules according to the requirement of clients.

   Contact manufacturing

    Our manufacturing service is tightly integrated with our process R&D
service. Our plant produces APIs, advanced intermediates and Fine
Chemicals from hundreds of kilogram to tons scales, and the annual
production capacity is 500~1,000 tons.

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